Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kristine Macasieb: Week 1 Assignment

Hi everyone! The story I picked was the Grimm fairy tale, The Water of Life. I chose to set the story in a fantasy medieval-esque type setting. The story mostly takes place within a steep mountainous and cold region where it's hard to farm land and the terrain is very dangerous. For the thumbnails, I chose the castle in which the youngest prince goes to fetch the water of life. The castle would be based on Neo-Byzantine architecture. My idea for the source of the water of life was that it was an area that the castle encloses. That area would be like a garden, blooming with flora that would otherwise be impossible to grow in such an arid part of the world. I had other ideas of making the secret place look more like a courtyard.

Outside the castle:

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  1. Nice start with these. I like how you are using details from specific reference in your work. Continue to look at organic landscape reference. Maybe try fleshing out an environment without the frame first; some compositions are getting tightly cropped and the scale is off.