Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jesse Yang Week 1 HW

Hello everybody! My story is based off of Little Red Riding hood, and with a lot of twists. The story is detective / crime based, set in a more 1960 to present time frame, located in downtown New York (for now). The hunter will be the detective, and Little Red as the assistant.

I haven't really have an artist in mind for main inspiration, but some inspirations include: FLCL, Panty Stocking, Grundgy look, detective, CSI, Suburbia, Modern, and tall buildings.

Instead of working with all architectural / exterior, I've decided to work on the grandmother's room as the first piece. The interior shot will display like a crime scene, with evidence of the 'wolf' breaking in and killing the grandmother, or something like that.

See y'all in class!


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  1. I like you are immersing yourself in the tones and textures of the story. Let the details of the characters inform your drawings. There are many Grandmother-type props that can fill the room. Stage things in a way so that it's clear what has happened. Look at specific reference. Please bring any/all material to class.