Sunday, June 9, 2013

Intro to class, Syllabus

This week will begin another exciting term of Vis Dev for Animation class.  Samples of student work look very strong.  I look forward to helping each student become a better artist.

Assignments will be based around narratives chosen for the Animation, Film and Game industry.  Using a story or genre, students will create at least 3 final portfolio images.  I encourage at least one each of Urban/Architecture, Organic and Interior settings.  The class will emphasize environment art.  However if character/prop/vehicle design is desired, they may also be used.

Each class meeting will be divided between:
Shared critiques
Instructor lecture/slide presentation
Instructor demonstrations
In class work time

Students should spend 3+ hours outside of class on weekly assignments.  Work may be done in either traditional or digital mediums.  Adobe Photoshop is recommended.  Appropriate materials for work should be brought to each class.  For example, a digital painting would require a personal laptop and tablet.  Please present digital work on a device no smaller than iPad size.

These materials are required for each class:
Sketchbook, 8.5"x 11" minimum
Tracing paper/Vellum

Weekly assignments will be described further beginning with the first meeting.  At this time, please acquire your materials and consider a story to use as a basis for your work in the class.

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