Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jesse Yang HW 07 thumbnails

Here are my thumbnail concepts for my final piece. I was thinking for this piece to be as close to the original fairy tale. This scene is where little Red is leaving her house and going to start going to the forest.


Sarah Sung: Week 7

Thumbnails for BFG Interior
Queen's bedroom:
Ballroom, where the giant has breakfast with the queen:

Serena Wk 7 Interiors

It's really messy, but last week Patrick mentioned that we could start off with our own process. I usually sketch very loosely and block off tones whenever I start a piece. This is when the natives capture the explorers from last week's piece and brings them back to their leader. I wish I had more time to do more of these exploration pieces.

Kristine Macasieb: Interior thumbs

Here's the progress that I have so far for my first piece.

Here are thumbs for the next project. I chose to do the inside of the castle and so I went back to more byzantine and palace foyer references. Here, the prince meets the princess. However instead of just being a regular princess, I had this idea that she would be the guardian of the water of life. So the first time they meet, they would actually battle. 

Jasmine Lee // Week 7 Assignment

Hi everyone!

These are my thumbnail drawings of Lucy's cabin from the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
It's a room inside the ship where Lucy sleeps. It's not a specific scene from the book so there's no story behind it, it was more for designing the set.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sarah Week 6 HW

So this is what I have so far for the color renditions. I don't have that much experience with painting in photoshop so I did the best I could for now. All advice would be greatly appreciated!

Serena Wk 6 Hw

I changed around some of the composition and I added some trees and foliage in the background. I didn't have enough time to render the explorers or the natives. Any advice on the use of color will be greatly appreciated! :D 

Jesse Yang HW 6

Hey guys, here's what I've done since last week!

Any C+C will be appreciated!

See y'all in class!


Joanna Soohee Han Week 6 HW

Kind of mushy and I haven't gotten to the colors yet but this is what I have for now.

Jasmine Lee // Week 6 Progress

Hi everyone!
I got my laptop fixed so I was able to start painting this week!

The brush strokes are very roughly applied for now but this is what I have so far:

Kristine Macasieb: Organic Tonal

Here's my black and white painting for an organic environment. I thought more about what could be taking place in this scene and decided that it would be after the prince got the water of life from the castle. He meets up with a shrewd magical dwarf, who has just informed him that his brothers are trapped in a ravine. The youngest prince tries talking the dwarf out of keeping them captive.

I had alot of trouble with the frozen waterfalls in the background. I tried to paint it after these kind of icicle formations but I'm still not very happy with how they came out.

edit: slightly changed

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Live Demos

Paint overs of student work

Color in Film: Digital Painting Demo

My painting process, from tonal to color block in.  Based on The Shawshank Redemption.
original scene 
1. lighting study
2. block in FG, MG, BG + characters
3. add minimal details, accent values 
4. color temperature shifts with Blending Modes, Adjustment Layers 
view of working layers

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Serena Wk 5 Hw Tonals

I didn't think doing tonals for a cave would be so hard. I wanted to make the skulls the focal point, but the lighting might have turned out unrealistic.

Joanna Soohee Han Week 5 HW

Hi everyone.
For my tonals, I tried to make Alice the main focus point. I played with different lighting situations coming from above the greenery or from the back as if she is leaving the area. 

Amber Lin- Week 5 HW sketch

For this assignment I'm doing UP (I'll bring the tonals into class today)
See you guys at 7 :)

Jasmine Lee // Week 5 Assignment

Hi everyone!
This is my detailed drawing. It looks a bit overwhelming as of right now, but it was sort of for myself to figure out and organize what and where things were located.

As for tonals, I really wanted Aslan and Lucy to stand out.