Monday, July 8, 2013

Jasmine Lee // Week 4 Assignment

I hope everyone had a well-rested holiday weekend!

I was going to do an interior this time but then I wanted to practice more exterior environment. So, I've decided to design the wilderness of Narnia from Prince Caspian, where the main characters are lost in the forest, and Lucy finds Aslan the Great Lion.

Here are some thumbnail sketches:

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  1. These are a great start to the next piece. Are you also finishing your color painting from last week? In your thumbnails, I would like you to consider the following: the foreground shapes are too generic. They could be drawn more solidly and have more interesting shapes. The midground foliage is also generic. Think about grouping areas into the composition to lead the eye and frame the characters/paths. Variation in the species of plants would help too. Also the kids could be placed in more interesting spaces. Create depth and interest by staggering them around the scene; use the entire frame. Nice work.